eSIM Provisioning 

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What is eSIM Technology ?

eSIM technology replaces traditional SIM technology residing in card form factor with a built in software/hardware solution which enables remote SIM provisioning capability. Also provides extra functionality while decreasing friction points on customer touching channels. eSIM technology mainly brings the aforementioned capability on two segments

Consumer Segment

Consumer segment is directly aimed to bring eSIM technology to the end users. Consumer devices are provisioned with eSIM technology in operators of their choice. There are variety of devices falling in this category including but not limited to wearables, smart phones and tablets.

The provisioning process requires consumer involvement in the provision lifecycle to be able to subscribe to the operator and then download eSIM profile to the device possessed by the consumer even without a need to visit the dealers. Once profile is enabled by the operator, the consumer gains access to the services provided by the operator.

Consumer Benefits;

• Seamless subscription lifecycle
• Easy to migrate to another MNO
• On boarding is initiated on screen with some prompts. And provision is completed over the air.
• Consumers can switch network without physically changing the SIM
• eSIM is not removable hence won’t be damaged, not effected from vibration, and stable at high temperatures.
• Thanks to small eSIM size in device, manufacturers are more free to decrease device sizes  

M2M Segment

M2M segment is directly aimed to bring eSIM technology to manufacturers by leveraging B2B collaborations. This solution serves the needs of business to business customers, specifically in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

With eSIM technology, M2M segment options will blow up and almost infinite possibilities on use cases will appear. Almost any device can connect to network instantly and automatically right after booting and IoT use penetration will dramatically expand.

M2M Benefits;

• Improves operational advantage, every device that is connected to a network can be monitored from a centeralized platform and live reports could be generated in the blink of an eye.
• Improves services and products reach even further 
• Fosters widespread of new services in a frictionless way
• Reduces the cost of operational activities.
• By leveraging eSIM technology remotely maintaining devices has never been easier.


Benefits / Advantage of e-SIM


Rather than putting up with the limitations of generic devices, organizations can employ inexpensive connected devices designed for specific tasks, or even specific products.


The total cost of ownership of devices (covering provisioning, product tracking, and procurement arrangements) is reduced.


Not removable esim won’t be damage, not effected vibration, and stable at high temperature.


With Sas-Sm certified protocols every step of provisioning is under control and going through over the air. No one can do physical intervention

User Friendly Interface

just happen on screen with some directions. And it’s just happen over the air.

Wide support

eSIM support multiple system that already in use, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G

Flexible Application Area

Supporting different business platforms.

Global Connectivity

User can switch network without physically touch the SIM


Smallest size usage of SIM technology brings lots of option in use. Smaller size device could make device manufacturer with SIM technology.


eSIM Security

eSIM extends the reach of the secure facilities from specific physical locations, to any location where the device can be reached over the internet. eSIM protocols provide security and integrity for data transfer.


How it Works?

eSIM utilizes GSMA framework to comply world class transaction and platform security in every layer. It provides seamless provision life cycle along with world wide interoperability. End users in consumer side only needs to go through simple steps to activate their devices while in M2M side even there is no user intervention required. Consumer interaction with operators is minimized yet covers all scenarios of receiving service from operators with an effective way. With respect to roaming scenarios, new use cases ease life of consumers where they can remotely arrange their subscriptions wherever possible.

Data Preparation

DP is the entity which operators use to securely encrypt their operator credentials ready for over the air installation within the SIM. The SM-DP is responsible for preparing, storing and protecting operator Profiles (including the operator credentials). It also downloads and install Profiles on to the eUICC.

Data Preparation +

SM-DP+ is responsible for the creation, download, remote management (enable, disable, update, delete) and the protection of operator credentials (the Profile). It is given the + designation as it encapsulates the functions of both the SM-DP and the SM-SR of the M2M solution.


The SM-SR is responsible for managing the status of Profiles on the eUICC (enable, disable, delete). It also secures the communications link between the eUICC and SM-DP for the delivery of operator Profiles.