With eSIM in action: Embrace flexibility in new generation connectivity, reveal the sparkle in your business

Get Ready for eSIM 

New generation SIM is revealed which fosters innovation and leverages the outstanding journey in customer on boarding experience. Get the most out of eSIM and take your business to another league.

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eSIM Technology

eSIM technology replaces traditional SIM technology residing in card form factor with a built in software/hardware solution which enables remote SIM provisioning capability.Also provides extra functionality while decreasing friction points on customer touching channels. eSIM technology mainly brings the aforementioned capability on two segments.


eSIM for Consumers

Consumer segment is directly aimed to bring eSIM technology to the end users. Consumer devices are provisioned with eSIM technology in operators of their choice. There are variety of devices falling in this category including but not limited to wearables, smart phones and tablets.


eSIM for IoT (M2M)

M2M segment is directly aimed to bring eSIM technology to manufacturers by leveraging B2B collaborations. This solution serves the needs of business to business customers, specifically in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry


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